Conditions for using the website

    • These General Conditions for the use of the website govern the methods and terms by which FF NET s.r.l. with registered office in Via dei Chiassi 103, 46100, Mantua (MN), Italy, represented by the legal representative pro tempore (the “Company“), owner of the website with domain (the “Website“), with its relative software, trademarks and know how, grant to users, whether they are physical or legal persons, the right to navigate the website and use the services offered.
    • The navigation of the Website is subject to the acceptance of these conditions of use, the privacy policy and the cookies policy; such acceptance is deemed to be obtained when the user consults any page on the website.
    • If the user does not accept these conditions, he is invited to leave the website.
    • Via this Website, the Company advertises its products and services and could send advertising communications.
    • By completing the procedure for registering for the newsletter proposed on the Website and authorizing the Company to process the data provided, the user accepts to receive messages, including advertising messages, also processed using automatic message sending services managed by third parties. The newsletter service is not directed to children under the age of 16 (for more information, please visit the section “Children” of the Privacy Policy).
    • The users allowed to use the Website are physical persons or companies interested in the products or services advertised on the Website.
    • The users shall personally use their account on the Website, where registered, and shall not transfer their account or their identity to other persons who have not completed the registration procedure.
    • The user acknowledged the Company as the sole owner of the trade mark corresponding to the above-indicated domain and any other distinctive mark used to demonstrate ownership of the Website, or the software linked to the Website, the design of the web pages or any elements or texts published therein. The set of these rights is referred to as the Intellectual Property of the Company, the reproduction of which is forbidden for all third parties, including users.
    • All users of the website acknowledge the validity of the Intellectual Property and undertake not to dispute it, recognising that they have no rights over all or part of the Intellectual Property.
    • The Website may contain third party intellectual property rights, which the user undertakes to comply with.
    • All users are forbidden from using the trade mark corresponding to the domain indicated in point 1.1 in the company, company name or trademarks of the users’ company, even in combination with other names, terms or words, without authorisation. Users are also forbidden from registering or seeking to register all or part of the Intellectual Property, anywhere in the world.
    • In using the Website the user may issue comments, post photos or perform other actions. The user guarantees that he will upload onto the website or in any case share only true information which does not harm the personal or professional reputation or image of third parties, or third party rights over the materials shared in any manner (including copyright, trademarks or other rights).
    • The user holds the Company fully harmless of any disputes which may arise concerning the information or documents exchanged via the website with third parties or other users.
    • The user accepts the right of the Company to eliminate or in any case prevent the visibility of any posts or documents (photos, texts, logos or other) which are clearly untrue or offensive, at the sole discretion of the persons appointed by the company.


    • If the material on the Website contains any errors or imprecisions, the Company shall not be held responsible for any losses or damage caused by or deriving from the trust users have placed in the information found on or via this Website. The user is responsible for assessing the information and contents made available on the Website. This Website and all information and material it contains may be subject to modification at any time and on a case-by-case basis, without the obligation for any prior or subsequent notice.
    • No guarantees are given over the contents of the website, and in particular the contents provided by third parties, including users. The user waivers the right to appeal to the Company or its agents, administrators or representatives, against declarations, information or images published on the website on its own account or by others, whether users or otherwise.
    • The Company excludes any express or implicit declarations or guarantees, including but not limited to guarantees of ownership or integrity, against harmful programmes (including viruses, worms or “trojans”) or implicit guarantees of marketability or suitability for a specific purpose, in relation to this website and its contents, and expressly declines all declarations and guarantees. The Company neither declares or guarantees that the information contained in the website is accurate, complete or updated, that the website does not contain imperfections and that any imperfections will be resolved. Using the Website, the user undertakes to assume all risks connected to the use and take on full responsibility for any non-use, loss of data or costs linked to the required assistance or repairs of the equipment and/or software used in relation to the website, and also undertakes to not consider the Company responsible for any damage deriving from or caused by the use of this website and any related sites. Where the exclusion of implicit guarantees is provided for by law, the above statements of responsibility may not apply fully or partly to the user.
    • These conditions of use of the Website shall remain in force as long as the user continues to use the website and as long as the website remains active.
    • The Company is free to interrupt the provision of the services via the Website at any time, or the delete the registration of individual users who have breached one or more obligations of these Conditions of use of the Website.
    • The user states that he has been informed that his data will be processed by the company in its position as data controller, for the purposes indicated in the website privacy policy.
    • All correspondence must be sent via the e-mail address notified by the user at the time of registration.
    • If one term or provision of these conditions of use of the Website are not valid, may be cancelled or are contrary to the law, the said term or provision shall, in the limits in which it is necessary to ensure that they are conforming to the law, be considered separate from the other terms and provisions of the conditions, and the remaining part shall continue to be effective as if the separate term or provision was not included between the parties.
    • The tolerance by one party to any breach of any rule laid down in these conditions of use shall not constitute any derogation and/or withdrawal from the provisions of the written rule, of which both parties may use at any time.
    • All declarations, guarantees and waivers laid down in the conditions of use shall remain effective beyond the duration of the contract.
    • These conditions of use are governed by Italian Law. Any disputes arising over the interpretation or application that cannot be settled amicably will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.
    • Version of 2nd April 2020.